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ritter & bader cooling systems


Integrated coolers

Integrated coolers by ritter & bader are generally designed according to customer specifications in order to adapt both the cooling technology and the interfaces to the process that is to be cooled. Clearly defined outputs and precise adjustment to customers’ machines provide great potential for optimization, while this integrated solution provides customers with a great range of possibilities to economize on space as well as on operating costs.

There are simply no limits to the design, and integrated coolers by ritter & bader can include an array of different cooling concepts or can even be combined with one another, from active cooling technologies with different cooling circuits to passive cooling technologies such as air cooling, free cooling, or cooling using cold water. Custom-made integrated coolers by ritter & bader always aim to make machines as efficient and cost-effective as possible to run.

Accessory coolers

Our accessory coolers are designed for use in industry. Placed on the outside of the machine that is to be cooled and connected to it with pipes or tubes, they can be used to reverse-cool liquids including water, water/glycol mixtures, emulsions, and oils at different temperature levels.

The substances that are to be cooled can also be combined in a compact device. These liquid coolers differ in the type of cooling they provide: 

Accessory coolers, for example, are mostly used outdoors as free coolers using air, but they can also be used in an economical way to heat air in indoor spaces.

Active cooling through a refrigeration circuit makes it possible to set the temperature level of the liquid as low as required while still providing the possibility of recovering the heat of the condenser in an energy-efficient way.

It is also possible to produce water-cooled condensers on request. Liquid coolers by ritter & bader are used to cool machine tools, switch cabinets, charging stations, oil circuits and more, and cover a large output range. Individually adjustable cooling circuits offer a wide range of potential uses and permit compact, space-efficient devices.

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